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In recent years, renewable energy, energy produced without emitting CO2 , has been attracting more and more attention. Among these, offshore wind power generation is expected to become increasingly popular in Japan, which is surrounded by the ocean.
However, because offshore wind power generation involves placing wind turbines on the ocean, there are concerns about impact on fisheries, such as changes to fish migration routes and a decrease in fishing grounds. Therefore, it is important to select sea areas separate from those used for fishing operations,and to cooperate with fishermen.

Our company has a track record of implementing numerous systemization tasks related to fishing port infrastructure using GIS (Geographic Information System), and provides offshore wind power generation area selection services and support for coordination with fishermen.

Promoting offshore wind power generation

The Fisheries Agency is promoting offshore wind power generation in cooperation with the fishing industry.

Coexistence with the fishing industry is essential for the introduction of offshore wind power. Our company will continue to promote offshore wind power generation in cooperation with the fishing industry and support the realization of a zero carbon society.

Support for offshore wind area selection

Using GIS to link information such as operating areas, number of fishing boats for each fishing method and fish species, and number of fishermen, we calculate the sea area of fishing grounds near Japan. By visually displaying the information on a map, it becomes easier to find candidates for sea areas separate from areas in which fishermen operate.

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